Emma is still on holiday. She is somewhere quite hot and sunny. It is raining here. When it rains very hard, it actually rains inside my house. So I am feeling like Getting Up To No Good. I am going to do something bad while Emma is away. I am going to do Sabotage.

I am going to kill one of the characters.

Please vote for a character to be killed in Chapter 40. If you like, you can write the chapter. Or you can just suggest a name in the comments.


Duncan Cheshire said...

I vote for: the Complaining Borrower.

I explained my reasons for this choice elsewhere.

Later, kill off Linda.

Then Bob. A double-header-murder.

In the end, Katerina and Garry will get together and produce prefectly formed, clingfilmed babies.

chris killen said...

The Boss.

Jenn said...

Ooh. I like the idea of garry and katerina getting together. And I can already think of some good methods of killing the Boss. This is exciting!

Jo said...


Anonymous said...

If anyone has to die it shoudl be Complaining Borrower... and bob and katerina can't get together, that's just wrong! :o)