36: A Charred Man, but a Man all the Same

Katerina watches as Bob lies on his back. He is trying to get up, but at the moment, he is looking more like a turtle that has been rolled over onto its shell. Ugh. So undignified.

Katerina glances at John. John is clawing at the side of his face, and whimpering. She feels a stab of pity. She never knew John was so strong, so brave. She doesn't know exactly what sent him doo-lally this time, but she knows a man who is willing to fight for something he believes in is a rare thing.

Mike sits up, bumps his head on the underside of the desk and removes the last key from between his teeth.

'It's a power cut,' he says, 'an overload. I can fix it. Don't worry.'

'Are you all right?' Linda asks, ' I think I'm going to need to get the First Aid Box. Shut that door, Katerina. We don't want Complaining Borrower to see this. He'd have a field day.'

Katerina shuts the door.

'Wait,' she says, her hand still on the handle, 'listen. The music has stopped.'

Linda looks at her. Out of habit, she reaches for her special green bottle, but it isn't there.

'Where's Garry?' she says, trembling.

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