35: Sweetcheeks

This is the second part of Duncan Cheshire's submission. Thanks Duncan!

John stops screaming and swears profusely. John never swears. Holding his hand to the side of his face he looks around and sees Mike dragging himself under a desk. John growls and lunging forward, grabs Mike's ankle and pulls him out. Snatching up a keyboard, he brings it down across Mike's head, keys flying everywhere from the shattered board.

Mike slumps to the ground. John, the side of his face smouldering, rolls Mike onto his back and snatches up a handful of the loose keys.

Prising Mike's mouth open, John begins ramming the keys between his teeth.

"I'll give you the fucking age of information", hisses John.

The door to the computer room opens, and Bob barrels in, followed by Katerina and Linda. They look at John, fist raised as he straddles Mike, who coughs out a key.

"What the pigging hell's going on? Have you lost your pigging mind?" Bob barks.

John's eyes are blank. He doesn't recognise them, not even Katerina.

"Do something!" Katerina shakes Bob's arm, holding onto him for a little longer than absolutely necessary.

"Don't worry, sweetcheeks, I'll look after him", Bob flexes his knees and steps towards John.

Bob moves closer to John, staying just out of reach, and then lunges, trying to rugby tackle him head on. John dips his shoulder imperceptibly as Bob tackles him and then lifts his body up and back and Bob flies through the air, completely upended, and crashes into the wall and slumps into a heap.

John turns back to Mike and raises his hand once more.

John brings his hand down, past the broken wires from the keyboardless computer and something happens. A bolt of electricity leaps from the exposed wires to John's hand, causing him to convulse and shriek before flinging him to the floor. The lights in the room grow brighter for a second and then go off, along with everything else, all the computer screens going blank.

The music stops.

Mike crawls under the desk, spitting out keys, and rests his hand on the coiled wires beneath the desk.

"Thank you", he whispers

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