audience participation

Sh asked you have someone killed.

Now Sh would like someone to be kissed.

Vote in the comments. You can also say a little bit about what kind of kiss it should be, if you like. But you are not allowed to specify who does the kissing.

That bit is up to Sh.


Biff said...

The Boss should be kissed.
The kiss should be a Spiderman kiss (i.e., upside down)

Jenn said...

Am I allowed to vote on this too? I would ask Emma, but I think she might say no.

Here is my sneaky vote.

I want Complaining Borrower to be kissed, passionately, on the ruins of his face.

emma said...

You can vote if I can vote, although I'm sure that's kind of cheating.

I vote for Rosalyn. A mindblowing smooch for the lady in the basement!

Duncan Cheshire said...

Linda. Yes.

Jenn said...

Ooh - that's a mysterious one. I wonder what 'Yes' means. Is 'yes' a kind of kiss. Maybe Linda's kiss is saying yes to all kind of things.

Maybe she gets proposed to.


Just say no, Linda!

I think Emma is going to have to pick a winner if we don't get more votes - just because I did the last one and that ended in a bloodbath.

sarah said...

Gary! He needs something light, sensual, uncertain but definitely a kiss on his right cheekbone